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Are you a software engineer dreaming of a big paycheck? Well, you’re in the right industry. Many companies are willing to offer hefty salaries to attract top tech talent. If you’re curious about which firms pay the most, read on. We’ve gathered data from various sources, including some high-paying companies, to give you a comprehensive overview of where you might want to aim your next job search.

Top Paying Companies for Software Engineers


Leading the pack is OpenAI, where engineers can earn a staggering $925,000 at Level 5 (L5). This is significantly higher than most other companies, reflecting the high value placed on top-tier AI talent. OpenAI is at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and application, making it a prime destination for those passionate about AI and machine learning.


Next up is Coupang, a South Korean e-commerce giant. At Level 6-I (L6-I), software engineers can make around $600,000. Coupang has rapidly grown to become one of Asia’s largest e-commerce companies, and they are ready to pay generously for skilled engineers who can help them maintain and expand their tech infrastructure.


Clubhouse offers a cool $566,000 for their software engineers. Known for its social audio app, Clubhouse gained immense popularity during the pandemic. Their need for innovative engineers to keep up with user demand and enhance platform features is evident in their competitive salaries.

Chai Research

At Level 4 (L4), Chai Research compensates software engineers with $555,000. This research-oriented company focuses on advancements in various technological fields, emphasizing a robust compensation package to attract the best minds in the industry.


Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, pays $516,000 for engineers at Level 5 (L5). With a focus on augmented reality and continuously enhancing user engagement, Snap offers substantial salaries to engineers who can contribute to their innovative projects.

Hudson River Trading

Hudson River Trading offers $505,000 for Level 1 (L1) engineers. This firm specializes in algorithmic trading, requiring top-notch software engineers to develop and maintain complex trading algorithms and systems.

TGS Management

TGS Management provides $500,000 for their engineers. This company focuses on quantitative trading and investment management, needing highly skilled engineers to develop and support their trading systems.

Vatic Investments

Vatic Investments matches TGS with a $500,000 salary for Level 3 (L3) engineers. Specializing in hedge fund management and algorithmic trading, Vatic Investments seeks out the best engineers to drive their tech-forward investment strategies.


Netflix offers $475,000 for Level 5 (L5) engineers. As a leading streaming service provider, Netflix requires innovative tech solutions to maintain its edge in the highly competitive entertainment industry.


Airbnb pays $464,000 for engineers at Level 9 (G9). Known for revolutionizing the travel industry, Airbnb invests heavily in its technology infrastructure to provide seamless user experiences across the globe.

Radix Trading

Radix Trading compensates new graduates with $450,000. This trading firm emphasizes quantitative strategies, requiring fresh talent to bring innovative ideas to their trading algorithms.


Stripe pays $443,000 for Level 3 (L3) engineers. As a major player in the online payments space, Stripe offers competitive salaries to engineers who can help enhance their financial infrastructure.


Cruise, a leader in autonomous vehicle technology, offers $438,000 for Level 5 (L5) engineers. The company’s focus on self-driving cars necessitates top-tier engineering talent, reflected in their generous pay.


OpenSea provides $430,000 for Senior I engineers. As a major marketplace for NFTs, OpenSea is at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, requiring skilled engineers to manage and innovate their platform.


CloudKitchens offers $410,000 for Level 5 (L5) engineers. This company, focused on the food delivery infrastructure, invests in engineers who can streamline and improve their kitchen operations and logistics.


Coinbase compensates IC6 engineers with $408,750. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase values engineers who can navigate the complexities of blockchain technology and secure digital transactions.

While the above companies offer some of the highest salaries, several other firms also pay well, though not quite as high. For example, Google, Facebook (Meta), Amazon, and Apple are known for offering substantial compensation packages, including stock options and bonuses, which can significantly boost overall earnings.


Google offers lucrative packages for their engineers, often exceeding $300,000 when considering base salary, bonuses, and stock options. They are known for their innovation and diverse project opportunities, making them a top choice for many engineers.

Facebook (Meta)

Meta (formerly Facebook) also provides attractive compensation, especially at senior levels, with total packages often exceeding $400,000. Their work in social media, virtual reality, and other tech areas requires top engineering talent.


Amazon is another major player, with senior engineers earning well over $300,000. The company’s vast array of services, from e-commerce to cloud computing (AWS), offers a wide range of opportunities for engineers.


Apple, known for its innovative hardware and software, compensates its engineers generously. Senior engineers can earn upwards of $350,000, with significant stock options adding to the total compensation.

If you’re a software engineer aiming for the highest salaries, companies like OpenAI, Coupang, and Clubhouse should be on your radar. These firms offer impressive compensation packages that reflect the high value they place on engineering talent. However, other tech giants like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Apple also provide substantial pay and numerous opportunities for career growth. So, whether you’re into AI, e-commerce, social media, or trading, there’s a high-paying job out there waiting for you.

Happy job hunting, and may your next paycheck be as impressive as your skills!

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